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May 7, 2005 at 2:30 am (Uncategorized)

Let’s re-light this candle.

As you may be aware (looking at box-office numbers, though, there’s every chance you’re blissfully ignorant of it) a movie came out recently called Fever Pitch. This forgettable Drew Barrymore/Jimmy Fallon vehicle is a remake of a British film, in which the subject isn’t the Boston Red Sox, but rather the London-based pro soccer team, Arsenal. That movie is based on a wonderful memoir published nearly a decade ago by a writer you may know: Nick Hornby.

Rather than subject myself too much to the movie, I instead decided to re-read the book, and got inspired. Mr. Hornby wrote a brilliantly funny memoir about football, so doing a blog-memoir about my obsession with the St. Louis Cardinals seems a bit too much like carpetbagging. But…maybe if I did something along those lines about music? Hmm.

What this ends up as is anyone’s guess. What I hope to do is do some sort of memoir of a life totally absorbed with music (especially) and pop culture miscellany. It probably won’t arrive at many universal truths, and may not particularly funny, or perhaps even interesting. It is what it is–a chance for me to get some memories down in html type before I forget them completely.

Expect some nostalgia. Expect some stuff about the new. But as a guy named Malkmus once said, “Don’t expect.”


  1. Dilletante said,

    Mate – your already most of the way there. Hornby loves his sport, has *impeccable* taste in music and has bugger all hair.Have your read his 31 songs?

  2. Chris H. said,

    Y’know, I’ve been meaning to pick it up, but events always conspire, and when I’m at the bookseller, I just forget.I take it you’ve read it? How is it?

  3. Dilletante said,

    Not as good as you might think. He tells us why some songs are cool and I nod my head and think “yeah I know” or occasionally “not really”. He rates my beloved Aimee very highly which make me think he’s a top bloke. I thought that anyway.He invented Championship Vinyl so I’m sure you and I (and some others from the GG/OO crew) could argue over a pint or two choices for lists and the like.And no debate on the hair?

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