Listening To You, I Get The Music!

May 12, 2005 at 6:38 pm (Uncategorized)

One thing I got goin’ for me (besides that whole Dalai Lama thing) is a group of friends who make awesome CD mixes.

One such friend is my New York buddy Rob Morton. Rob and his lovely wife Gwen just had their first child, the absolutely adorable Amelia. Perhaps inspired by his newfound pater familia, Rob has done a CD mix of family-related tunes. Having listened to it three times start-to-finish, it’s damn good stuff.

A few caveats:

-“family-related” means that family (good or bad) is the central theme of the songs on the mix. It is not however, recommended for family listening. Leave it to Mort to find some family songs with f-bombs!

-the mix is not a way for you, me, or anyone else to steal music. For that reason, we’ve deliberately made the whole thing one large .mp3 file (65 mb!). The songs are sequenced, mixed, and crossfaded by Rob himself for maximum enjoyment. If you’re looking for free songs, go download soulseek or something; it’ll be a helluva lot easier than trying to separate these songs from one another and editing out the crossfade stuff. This is Rob’s mix to share with friends, and most of you who know I have a blog fall into that category.

-Get ready for some surprises. Gotta love that Chinatown sample!

You can access the mix, “The Family Dynamic”, right here!


  1. William said,

    Wolfgang Press! Haven’t heard that song since college.

  2. Rob said,

    Hey Bill!Yup, that’s when I got that album, QUEER. (Note, that’s the name of the album, not me calling you rude names.)Okay, ciao.

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