Heavenly Pop Hit

September 13, 2005 at 5:23 am (Uncategorized)

…as I try to get into a regular writing habit again, I feel like I should at least post something tonight, despite the fact that I’m exhausted (someone should’ve told me that managing a fine-dining restaurant can be just like running a tall kindergarten class…wankers.)

Rather than waste your time with wordy piffle, I’ll instead try to turn you onto what I think will end up as my favorite song of the year. The band is The High Dials, and the song is “Our Time Is Coming Soon”. The album this tune is taken from, War Of The Wakening Phantoms is pretty gear, too.

Speaking of things gear and fab, the new disc from Macca is actually kind of doing it for me. I need to go listen to it a few more times before I’m willing to commit to the idea of really actually truly liking a Paul McCartney album, though.

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