The Kids Are Alright

March 1, 2006 at 7:44 am (Uncategorized)

Shaping up as a pretty cool year for music, so far. I could write a blog entry where I told you how good Ray Davies’ solo album is, but I’ll let you discover that one on your own.

Instead, lemme just toss out two very new, very young bands to come wandering into my transom. I know next to nothing about either, other than both are fantastic.

First up, some fellow Show-Me Staters. Hailing from Springfield (which is tucked into the Southwestern corner of the state, and home to perhaps the most astonishing per-capita number of blazingly hot girls in the US of A) comes Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltstin. Highly recommended for fans of The Shins or Death Cab For Cutie, these fellows know their way around a challenging but memorable melody like few other of their peers. Their Myspace profile site has a few more clips and stuff as well.

Internet pal TDubbayew (that’s Tom Wright), the guy responsible for my Novillero fixation comes riding in with another fantastic recommendation as well: The Weather Machines. Hailing from the indie pop hotbed of South Dakota (yes, I’m kidding), Tom kinda nailed it when he told me the Machines’ debut sounds like the best album Ted Leo and Chisel never recorded. If you head to their site you can hear their debut album in its entirety.

Both bands are highly recommended. Support new music, buy ’em both. Two of the best debuts I’ve heard in a while.

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