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April 12, 2006 at 8:03 pm (Uncategorized)

While we’re on the subject of San Francisco rock bands (and we are, since I’m still all in thrall with The Society Of Rockets) I figured that this was as good a time as any to mention that my favorite artist ever is emerging from a self-imposed retirement (working a real job, getting married, having two lovely children) to put out a new record.

I’m talking about Scott Miller. Not that Scott Miller. This one.

Our Scott is the guy who spent the better part of twenty years fronting the bands Game Theory and The Loud Family. Despite Mr. Miller’s egalitarian attempts at making both enterprises true “groups”, both bands were basically Scott and people playing his songs while he sang. So, if the upcoming album is billed as “The Loud Family and Anton Barbeau”, realize that the “Loud Family” in this case is basically just Scott. (And Anton Barbeau is a fine songwriter in the same quirky/overly brainy mold as Miller, so their collaboration fits.

Rather than continue to yak on and on, how about some tunes, courtesy the magnificently wonderful and nice folks at 125 Records, which is Joe and Sue, and if I said that you wouldn’t find two more wonderful and nice folks out there in the music biz, seriously, this time I mean it.

Anyway, how about a Stones cover? “Rocks Off”, baby. (Admission time: I sort of hated this version the first three times I heard it, but now it’s grown on me and I really dig it.)

When you’ve had your fill there, head to the Loud Family myspace page. “Total Mass Destruction” is the first new Scott Miller song to see light of day in a long, long time. There are also two live clips from the Loud Family (farewell?) tour from three years ago. Finally, there’s a live clip there from Aimee Mann dragging Scott Miller onstage a few years ago to cover his song “Inverness”. Scott actually recorded a bunch of acoustic stuff with Aimee a few years back that might still somehow hopefully end up seeing the light of day.

In the meantime, the new Loud Family disc, What If It Works tentatively comes out sometime this summer on 125 Records. Can’t wait! (Pre-emptive strike: no, these songs do NOT all sound alike, and neither do they sound like the Outfield. You know who you are!)

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  1. BlackStuart said,

    Well played, mon frere, but the simple truth that you defiantly refuse to accept is that there are more than passing similarities between your “Game Theory” and 80s difference-makers “The Outfield” (Or, as I know YOU know, “The Brocktoon Experience”, as they were known in their native Belgium). “Prove it!”, you say?Done. http://www.theoutfield.com/heavn.wavGame, set, match, Pancho. There’s more than a passing similarity–there’s downright connective tissue. And if you try to act all hard, like your toes were not literally tapping whatever flat, stable surface is nearest by, then you and I both know that you’re lying. Chris, have you forgotten it all? That night over at Squeakers when “BE” cranked out that killer set of all-Foreigner tunes (which was both ironically, melodically AND magically delicious)…and Eddie came a stammerin’ out of the stall (no suprise, I’ll grant you), pants at half staff, with a copy of a month-old “Variety” in one hand and a bottle of JB in the other. It saddens me to think that the prophetic words he mumbled, lo those years ago: “Where did I park…..[incoherent mutterings about ‘The Jeffersons’, followed, it is believed, with some reference to astroturf]….I think I’m gonna be sick…”And it makes ME sick to think that these formative times…the true salad days…have been shut out from your daily rolodex of experience, roomie. Let the sun shine in, Bluebird. Let it shine, indeed. http://www.wirthentertainment.com/images/outfield.jpg

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