Best song of 2007 so far…

March 21, 2007 at 6:26 am (Uncategorized)

Best album cover too…

I can’t even tell you why I stumbled across this band or this album, but when I saw this album art, I knew I had to have this disc:

The band is called Stone Foundation, and this disc is an awfully expensive UK-only indie/import release. Thankfully, most of the tracks here are very good. And then there’s the title track, and it might be the best slab of rock and soul (and rockin’ soul) I’ve heard this year. It’s the title track of the album, and yeah, you can hear it at the band’s Myspace page:

The song to dial up is the first one, “In Our Time”. It starts out with a killer guitar/keyboard thing and a nifty melody line and the first time in I’m thinking “well, that’s nice; a good band would take that framework and really do something with it. Of course, Stone Foundation do just that–at the 1:52 mark, they blow off an incredible bridge that sounds lifted right from Moseley Shoals-era Ocean Colour Scene, and swing into the third verse of the song…and now I’m thinking “hey, this is pretty great”.

And then comes transcendence. At the 2:48 mark, the keyboard comes in like vintage Ian McLagan, and then drummer Phillip K. Ford does his best to channel Pistol Allen on the snare and the horns come up and ye gods, but this becomes a great, great song. Stone Foundation have a long-player and ep available on ITunes; here’s hoping this disc gets some sort of stateside distribution soon.

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