Every band should have a song that does this.

May 28, 2007 at 6:57 am (Uncategorized)

Has it really been four years?

Four years ago, in Louisville for the Derby, JT (who has far better taste than me in music)put a CD on in the rental van we were toodling around Louisville in. One really cool song followed another in a vague Superchunk-meets-vintage Replacements sorta way. “This is my favorite CD of the year” he told me. It was by an Austin band called Grand Champeen.

Champeen have just put out their first new disc since then, an absolutely incredible album called “Dial T For This”. I’ll have a review of that soon, I promise, but right now we’ll leave it at “possibly the best disc I’ve heard this year that isn’t by Sloan”.

At any rate, I was browsing Youtube for some video of Champeen, and happened to catch this rather dodgy shoot of the band playing the song “Miss Out” at Emo’s in Austin. Wade through the “camera phone” video/audio quality to see this:

Notice how in the verse, after every line the melody of the song lets singer/guitarist Channing Lewis duck out and stomp and beat the living crap out of his guitar?


Me too.

Every band should have a song that lets their lead singer do that.

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  1. Anonymous said,

    Just saw these guys open for Two Cow Garage last weekend. Channing was jumping all over the stage in a similar frenzy the whole set. Micah from Two Cow later commented something to the effect that he didn’t think they could keep up with the pace. Both guys stood by the door and thanked the crowd for coming out as they left. Great show.Dan

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