Just to get clear on terminology…

April 15, 2008 at 1:15 pm (bitchiness, reviews, snark)

…a band was recently recommended to me using the phrase “sort of freak folk, sort of classic rock, with some world music thrown in.”

That sounds like the most dreadful, non-rock horribleness ever released, frankly. Those are not points to sell me, or anyone who loves music, on a band. Those descriptors suggest music that would make me want to beat the performers of same with my shoe.

I see on another blog that an adoring listener of this same band has described them thusly: “Reference points as broad as The Go Team and Phish”. That doesn’t just sound bad. That sounds positively toxic. The only way this band could further fail the Ben Troxel Rock Test is if they performed in costumes. There’s a picture of this Band I Will Not Name at the blog describing them as a cross between two terrible non-rock bands, and slap my ass and call me Ginger, but there they are in costumes. Yikes.

If it is any consolation, I did manage to make it through about 18 seconds of two different songs before I gave up. Never say I didn’t try.

(File under Curmudgeonly Posts Made Before Second Cup Of Coffee)


  1. Whitey said,

    Agree, that band is horrible. I had a similar experience. I hope you did what I did…cross that person off of the “you’re allowed to recommend me music list”.

  2. Chris H. said,

    CDubya in the house. Now I’ve arrived! Hope you’re well dude!Yeah, that band is awful, but I will say that the recommender has a stellar track record and I tried to disguise who he was as best I could, because frankly the blog post was rather dickish thing for me to say, and he’s a good guy and has pretty unassailable taste–usually!–in music.

  3. Rob said,

    I sampled P&A a few months ago and found them pretty dreadful. NEXT!

  4. Chris H. said,

    Seriously, I was a real dick for making this blog post though. I put my name on it so I’ll leave it up, but if anyone referenced in it (I left it hopefully vague enough) is insulted, you’ve every right to be, and I’ll try not to let my jackassedness run away with me so much in the future…

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