First 134th Derby Mix….

May 3, 2008 at 2:55 pm (Uncategorized)

….and hopefully not the last….(but Whitey and Dave, I’m getting file structure problems with the tracks I have from you fellows, I can listen to the tunes just fine and can host the .zip files of them, but can’t convert them beyond that.)

At any rate, first up is Dan & Marc’s mix, which is sort of appropriate since I think it was Marc or Dan’s idea to start doing these in the first place back in the days before digital and we were actually doing these on actual cassettes.

First some music:

Dan, Marc, & Barack present:
The 134th Post-Derby Mix, “The Audacity Of Audio”.mp3

Use that mix properly–don’t listen to it until after the Derby today, preferably after about the sixth mint julep. Trust us on this.

More on the tradition of the Derby mixes later when I put Dave’s up.

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