Reason Eighty Gajillion to be an Emusic Subscriber…

August 8, 2008 at 6:03 am (fave raves of yesteryear, rock and roll)

Things are a tad slow this time of year waiting on new releases; in addition to me being stoked for some stuff mentioned elsewhere on this page, it seems as if Cobra Verde is set to come out of hibernation this year with a new disc; Petkovich promises some tracks from it to hit their myspace page soon.

At any rate, the slowness of the new releases hasn’t kept me from hitting up Emusic once or twice a week to listen to a bunch of really, really, mediocre-to-godawful music, searching out a diamond in the rough, usually in vain. Tonight when I got home from work, though, I notice that they’ve got Pulp’s final album, We Love Life newly available.

Life came out in 2001 in the UK, 2002 in the States. Chances are fairly good you missed it, and that’s a damned shame because you missed out on a brilliant final statement from an absolutely essential band. In fact, I’d say the final three songs on the album (and, one supposes, the final three Pulp songs ever) are as incredible a three song album closer as anyone’s come up with in a while. “Bad Cover Version” is a soaring, string-draped nod to Pulp’s earlier days, but then comes “Roadkill”, which is a quietly disturbing little bit of wonder….and then the whole thing goes rocketing straight to the heart of ol’ Sol on “Sunrise”.

On that last track, I should mention that anytime I listen to We Love Life all the way through, the final guitar raveup on “Sunrise” always gives me goosebumps and chills, and I wondered if that was just me being a dork. Apparently not:

I mean, can I get an “Amen”??? Oh yeah, in that clip that is indeed ‘Narc fave rave Richard Hawley on acoustic guitar. We Love Life, another reason why Emusic is still worth your fifteen bucks a month…

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