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September 11, 2008 at 8:32 am (Uncategorized)

…If you haven’t picked up the “best of” compilation by Outrageous Cherry, you really ought to. Terrific career overview, and it solves (for me) the biggest problem I’ve always had with the band: I tend to love two songs from each album they’ve released, and then I get rather indifferent to the rest of the disc. Essential listening, this best of. It’s called Wide Awake In The Spirit World, and is available from the usual suspects.

…after three listens, I’m coming up “bleah” on the new Broken West album. Too many times it just sounds kind of bland, almost like stuff that Nada Surf rejected from their latest. I am digging the tune “Ambuscade” a little, though, and I’ll keep at it.

…after a dozen listens, my feelings toward the new Novillero disc have gone from “eh, I guess it’s alright” disappointment to “y’know, this is a pretty great disc.” It isn’t more of Aim Right For The Holes at all; they’re doing something very slightly, subtly different here, and it mostly works.

…after a dozens and dozens of listens, the Prisonshake album is finally starting to really, really work for me. In fact, the damn thing is shooting up a prospective best of 2008 list with a bullet.

Finally, I cannot wait until Saturday. I somehow have to get the heck out of work by 9:00 so I can rocket into the city to see Paul Weller at the 9:30, and I think I can make it pretty easily. I mean I’m gonna see this:

…in a little club in DC. Just crazy that Weller can’t play bigger venues–still–in the States. Ah well.


  1. steve scariano said,

    Kid, you’re a lucky bastard, getting to see Weller live. I saw him in Chicago in Feb. 2001 and he and his fantastic band (which he still has!) were great. Though his new album is not doing it for me AT ALL.I’ve been down with Outrageous Cherry from day one, and they are one of my favorite American bands. Diggin’ the new best of comp bigtime.Thanks for the kind words on the Shake album. See, I told you it would take a few listens. šŸ™‚ Any favorite songs yet? Man up already and hop a plane and come see us play in Cleveland next weekend….

  2. BlackStuart said,

    It’s back, America. a call, Hornbostel. There’s bidness to be done.

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