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May 21, 2009 at 6:10 am (Uncategorized)

…just a brief, pre-bedtime thought on music I’ve heard the last 6 weeks:

–new High Strung
–new Leisure Society
–new Outrageous Cherry
–new Hard Lessons (what the hell is going on in Detroit???)
–new Green Day
–Dark Night Of The Soul project (Sparklehorse fanboy here)
–new music from Steve Ucherek’s (the late and lamented Living Blue) new band, Village
–issue/re-issue of the Pretty Things/Phillippe DeBarge collaboration
–The Faraway Places new record (I had it cranked today and was thinking that it was the best-sounding guitar record I’d heard this year)
–new Office album

Honestly, I can’t remember a better 6 week run in my personal music history than all this stuff. One great record chases another out of my iPod or CD player at alarming speeds. If Dragoon gets around to getting their years-in-the-making debut out soon, my cup will have truly overspilled itself.

For now, my eyes hurt. I need to write something about The Hard Lessons, and probably Outrageous Cherry soon, but I’ll get to them later or sooner.


  1. Kim Paris said,

    Oh cool, you snuck OFFICE in there – love them!

  2. Kyle said,

    hey, chris – am really diggin’ on all these albums. out of curiosity – i noticed that this is the 9th outrageous cherry album, what are some others that you’d recommend? i really like ’em.


  3. steve scariano said,

    Yes Kid, please write something about the new Outrageous Cherry. I have no excuse for continuing to forget to pick it up—they are one of my favorite bands, after all. Met Matt Smith at SXSW—every bit as cool as I expected him to be. The live show we saw though, not so much. They didn’t play ANY of their good songs. Not a one…

  4. Chris H. said,

    I promise to write up something on Outrageous Cherry’s new disc tomorrow! Short version: I like it, but I still have some of the same problems with it that I have with their whole catalogue.

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