More Holiday Cheer From Me To You

December 22, 2009 at 6:08 pm (Uncategorized)

The Holiday 2009 Mix is up. Now how much would you pay?

But wait! There’s more!

This is the “What else did this blog get me for Christmas?” post.

First up: Some folks have asked for prior year’s mixes. Here are the one’s I’m ok with allowing to be in circulation:

I Got Yer Wassail Right Here Mac (Christmas 2005)
It’s A Cliche To Be Cynical At Christmas (Christmas 2006)
The Christmas Sound Is All Around This Town (Christmas 2007)
Listen Up, Ebenezer! (Christmas 2008)
Christmas Shoes (Christmas 2009)

Just right-click the title of the mix you want to download, and “Save As”.

More? Ok. More.

A staple of every Christmas music mix I do is the 1987 song from the Pogues, “Fairytale Of New York”. For me, it just ain’t Christmas until Kirsty MacColl calls Shane MacGowan “a scumbag, a maggot, a cheap lousy faggot.” A lot of folks love the song. It really is just beautiful, and if that wonderful argument set-piece in the song makes you wonder about whether it has a happy ending, well, the strings playing out on the closing coda answer that question better than any lyrics could.

At any rate, back in 2005 BBC Three did an hourlong documentary on the writing, recording, performance, and even video-making of the song. I’ve got that available for everyone in M4V format. M4V is the native video codec for Apple stuff–if you have Quicktime on windows (if you have Itunes, you do), a Mac, or a video-capable iPhone or Ipod, you’ll be able to watch this without too many hoops. In fact, the newest versions of Windows Media Player will recognize M4V as well and play it for you as well.

The video quality in the documentary is fairly compressed–it looks great on an iPod Touch-sized screen, so if you’re traveling, there you go. (Although you’ll have to explain to everyone sitting near you on the airplane why you’re sobbing at the end of the documentary when Kirsty MacColl’s ma and the lads in the Pogues are talking about her…) It’ll even look fine on most computer monitors as long as you size the screen to a reasonable viewing.


“The Making Of ‘Fairytale Of New York'”

(Yes, right click, “save as”; no really, people will email and ask how if I don’t)

More? Seriously? You’re like Dudley Dursley here! Ok, one more.

The name of this year’s mix, “Christmas Shoes”, was inspired by a horribly unintentionally funny and ironic version of the Chipmunks taking a bang at that awful and mawkish Christmas cash-in song referred to by Peggy Hill in the intro. In the end, I dropped the song from the mix ’cause it didn’t work, but I liked the title…and I really, really liked comedian Patton Oswalt’s hilariously profane comedy routine on the song.

This is Not Safe For Work due to language (did I say “hilariously profane” yet?), but funny as hell. F-Bombs galore are about to ensue…but so is some inspired comedic social commentary.

Don’t write me, I warned you!

Merry Christmas!!!

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