Halloween Music Mix, 2010!

October 29, 2010 at 12:56 pm (Uncategorized)

Let’s celebrate Halloween with a brand new for 2010 mix of Halloween tunes!  (And as a bonus, I’ll fix the broken links so that the TWO Halloween mixes from last year are available again…)

First though, 2010.  I almost didn’t make a Halloween music mix this year because I was busier with other stuff.  And then I got goaded into a Halloween party tonight.  And then I got goaded into making some music for it, and so here we are.   This mix of tunes is a little different from past Halloween music mixes I’ve done.  I suppose I’d say it’s more homogeneous; no Sinatra this year, no old blues songs, more geared for being fairly energetic.  You get the idea.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  Some other firsts this year–no Cramps songs, no Fuzztones, no Pixies.  That’s sort of like Thanksgiving with no Turkey, no mashed potatoes, and no cranberry sauce, but House Of Freaks, the Stones, and Zeppelin are here and able to ease everyone into the mood.

Without a whole lot more blathering from me…(click the title below to download or, new for this year, stream!)  Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

BLACK AS NIGHT, BLACK AS COAL (Halloween Mix, 2010)

Oh, and I s’pose you’ll be wanting a track list eh?

1. “In The Evening” Led Zeppelin
2. No signs of hypocrisy, anywhere.
3. “Cutout Witch” Guided By Voices
4. “Into The Mystic” Van Morrison
5. “Evil” Interpol
6. “Shadow’s Keeper” Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
7. “Paint It, Black” The Rolling Stones
8. “Walk In The Woods” Peter Case
9. “I Wanna Kill” Crocodiles
10.”Horror Of The Fire” The Embarrassment
11.”Lady Waters & The Hooded One” Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians
12.When you got a rock, you gotta rock.
13.”Going To Hell” The Brian Jonestown Massacre
14.”Under Water” Hypnolovewheel
15.”Monkey’s Paw” House Of Freaks
16.”Lucifer Sam” The Pink Floyd
17.”Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)” David Bowie
18.”Voodoo Train” The Bellrays
19.”Pine Box Builder” Cotton Mather
20.”Hand Of Glory” Smithereens
21.”Heaven And Hell” The Who
22.”A Train Makes A Lonely Sound” The Black Crowes
23.”Our Darkness” Richard Hawley

Last year’s Mixes can be found here, now with working links for download or stream!

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