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January 19, 2011 at 1:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Seriously, Stephen Ucherek is some kind of crazy pop god genius.

I almost (almost) get tired of having to simply pimp out his music here; I wish I could say “well, this is a mis-step”, or “this record isn’t very good”. I realize that I sound like I’m on the take. Can’t help it. Dude just keeps nailing it.

Ucherek’s first band was called the Blackouts. They put out a debut and won them a Battle Of The Bands sponsored by Little Steven and his Underground Garage. The Blackouts quickly scrapped their garage underpinnings and changed their name to The Living Blue, and put out two amazing records that I’ve hyped to death here. Then The Living Blue fell apart and Ucherek put together a new band in Chicago, this time called Village. Stay tuned to that Best of 2010 list (which I finished tonight, btw), because Village’s debut album figures prominently in the top 5.

So how crazy is it that Village has another album in the can, ready for release? I mean, really now. What’s even cooler is that for about a week perhaps, Ucherek has that entire Village album available to download as individual tracks. He’d like you to download it, even if he’ll be trying to sell it later in the year.

Head here.

The running order on the album:

…the Days are Gifts
Sore Eyes
A Bit of Relief
Love on a Whim
Take Your Time
Among the Trees
Close in an Instant
Future Days
Panoramic Visions
Behind the Rain


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  1. Stu Pope said,

    Wow. It’s “love at first listen,” Chris. Definitely an early contender for this year’s “Yuletide Mix.” Thanks for championing Stephen Ucherek and his music. Cheers, Stu

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