Releases I’m Looking Forward To In 2013, Part 1.

February 12, 2013 at 12:02 pm (Uncategorized)

Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates over the last few days (Seriously, I’m actually trying to write a thing or two a day here), but the combination of being on deadline for a writing project and finally getting that flu bug that’s been going around kind of knocked me flat over the weekend.

Feeling haler and heartier today.  A bit.  So just a quick post right now to mention that last week two of our favorite bands here dropped updates that they’ll be releasing new material soon-ish.

First, it’s the Leisure Society, who have a new album called Alone Aboard the Ark.  It’ll be their third album, and first since 2011’s Into The Murky Water.  Here’s a quick tease:

Release date is April 1.  You’d be foolish to give it a miss.  (Yeah, that’s bad.)

Dear Leisure Society:  please come to the US and tour.  Please?

Also, Medway heroes The Len Price 3 announced that they’ve finished a new record for release “shortly”.  I love the Lens so much, and this is welcome news.  I thought their last record, Pictures, was fantastic and showed them continuing to evolve their sound.  Having not heard much from them at all in 2012, I was worried that maybe things had gone wobbly with them, but they’re going to be back.  No idea if the new record will be on the seemingly-dormant Wicked Cool label in the US; Little Steven seems to have turned his attentions elsewhere from that.  No firm release date as of yet, but I’ll take ’em at their word on “soon” and hope we see this new one by summer.

Finally, since Mardi Gras and all the attendant amateurish, “first time I’ve had a drink in public in ten years” garbage comes today, I’d like to throw a shout out to our UK readers and hope they had a lovely Pancake Day, which is what the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (Shrove Tuesday in the Anglican, I guess) is across the pond.

In honor of Pancake Day, and to tie it back to the Leisure Society, here’s them doing one of their very earliest songs, a number called…well, “Pancake Day”.


  1. stumania said,

    First I’ve heard of a new Len Price 3 album – that’s great news, indeed. I’ve been satisfying my love of the Medway sound recently with 2012’s release of the second Galileo 7 album (I included “Not Gonna Miss You” on my 2012 Yuletide Mix). Not familiar with The Leisure Society so will be looking into their previous releases – thanks for the heads up, Chris!

    • Chris said,

      I love both those G7 records a ton! As for the Leisure Society…I should probably write some more about them, as they’re likely my favorite current band going.

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