It’s Derby Day! It’s Derby Day Music!

May 4, 2013 at 2:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Making my own fun on Derby Day, mostly because I’m buried under an avalanche of work right now, but still. In a few hours I’ll be pouring a Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year, I’ll be checking my wagers, and I’ll be all about the 139th Kentucky Derby.

Meanwhile, to pass the hours until post time, I’ve got four music mixes to share at you, made by folks who are all about the ponies, all about great music artfully mixed, and all about having a wonderful Saturday in May!

You want to hear these. Trust me. We’re talking “free music mixes, made by folks who are either professional DJs or who could/should be if that kind of work paid the rent/mortgage.”

In the order I received them, and recommended listening order today!

churchill downs

Beth Clauss breaks first from the gate:

British Invasion 2013 Derby Mix


The stallion lucky enough to run alongside her, Tim Clauss, stalks her pace through the backstretch:

Tim Beam Sings: 20 Years At The Derby


Flying on the outside as they come to the top of the stretch, it’s Chris “Dyno” Whitey:

CW 139 Derby Mix: When Bold Ruler Met Something Royal

(You racing fans will know what happened there…)


Finally, flying down the stretch, moving like a tremendous machine, it’s Dan and Marc’s always much-beloved annual Derby Mix:

Close Encounters Of The Kentucky Derby Kind


I vouch for none of the child-friendliness of any of these musical creations, but can say that Tim’s mix definitely isn’t kid-safe, and Whitey’s mix could induce…uncomfortable…questions.

Still, great tunes, making my work fly by here. These can be streamed or downloaded or both at your leisure.

Oh, and I’m saying Itsmyluckyday or Goldencents…but I’ll be using Overanalyze underneath about 4 horses in an exacta part wheel.

Good luck to all, and happy Derby Day!

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