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September 13, 2013 at 8:09 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorry for the absence, but I did want to stop by to report on some big doings with regards to my plan to watch a bunch of scary movies and write about them.  Thanks to some interest in the project by my internet friend Tom Chick at Quarter To Three, some things have changed here.

For the better!

First of all, it’s going to be 30 movies, each one written about in a piece published daily in October. The years, as mentioned before, will be 1957-1987.  Keep reading and I’ll get to the list of movies.

Second thing, these pieces won’t be published here. Instead, the plan is to currently write them up and publish them at Tom’s site, Quartertothree.com. I’ve written some pieces there about gaming, but I’m excited to write about movies there. I hope I’m not out of my element. If you’re unfamiliar with Qt3, as we abbreviate it, it’s a worthwhile place to visit. Mostly, the site is focused around video gaming. Stop rolling your eyes. The guy who runs it, Tom Chick, is (in my opinion, not his) the Roger Ebert of games journalism. He’s a reviewer, a moralist, and a thinker. He puts together amazing sentences. He takes iconoclastic views of game reviewing tropes and scores in such a way that it frequently shoves him into conflict with publishers, fanboys, and developers alike.

Tom’s also a big time movie buff and critic. The Quarter To Three Movie Podcast is one of the most lively, funny, and consistently interesting pieces of media you’ll find regarding film. Tom sees a lot of movies, writes about a lot of them, and has a definite love for horror movies (it was Tom and the Qt3 movie podcast that hepped me to the wonderful Lake Mungo a few years ago). If all that weren’t enough, Time Magazine named Quarter To Three one of the 50 Best Sites On The Internet last year.

So yeah, when Tom offered me the chance to write all this up for his site where the number of eyeballs seeing  the work will be powers of 100 greater than they’ll be here, I was honored to take that on. I then was able to one-up even that good news. The plan now is for Tom and I to co-blog each movie. We’ll basically bounce ideas off one another and refute one another and call each other names. Should be a lot of fun! I’ve always wanted to co-write a piece with another person and this is just a great, interesting, fun opportunity.

Let’s recap, and then an invitation. In October, we’ll publish a mini blog piece about 30 different movies watched during the month. 30 Days Of 30 Years Of Horror or something like that, and it’ll be at Quartertothree.com. I’ll try to provide daily links here, just in case.

The invite? I’d love for anyone reading this right now to join us. Qt3 has a lively comments section, and we’d love to have folks watch the movies and contribute their own thoughts and tell us both we’re full of it. You can even agree with us, if that’s your thing.

In order to watch along with us, though, you’re going to need to know which movies we’re watching. (Here’s some more behind the scenes stuff–we’re not waiting for October; I’m already about 6 movies into this list, and writing notes up them already.)

Join us then? Here’s what we’re going to be watching and writing about:

1. Curse of Frankenstein 1957

2. Horror of Dracula 1958

3.Peeping Tom 1960

4. Black Sunday 1960

5. Tomb Of Ligeia 1964

6. Plague Of The Zombies 1966

7.Night Of The Living Dead/Dawn Of The Dead 1967 + 1978

8. Witchfinder General 1968

9.Rosemary’s Baby 1968

10.Let’s Scare Jessica To Death 1971

11.From Beyond The Grave 1972

12.Don’t Look Now 1973

13.Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark 1973

14.The Exorcist 1973

15.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974

16.Jaws 1975

17.The Omen 1976

18.The Haunting Of Julia 1977

19.Halloween 1978

20. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers ‘78 + ‘56

21.Phantasm 1979

22.Salem’s Lot 1979

23.The Shining 1980

23.The Changeling 1980

25.American Werewolf In London 1981

26.Q, The Winged Serpent 1982

27.The Thing 1982

28.Poltergeist 1982

29.Angel Heart 1987

30.Near Dark 1987



  1. RHoops said,

    I’m gonna try and follow along, for anyone else who has Netflix the following movies are streaming:

    The Haunting of Julia
    Don’t be afraid of the Dark
    Don’t look now
    Rosemary’s Baby
    Black Sunday

    although Don’t Look Now may only be available til 10/1
    and Don’t be afraid of the Dark is the 2011 GDT co-written remake…

  2. Chris said,

    Let me know if you want digital versions of anything. I can do some ripping to make stuff available for you, Hoops (note to copyright bots–fair use, bitches.) The other thing (although it’d get pricey) is that a lot of these are available through paid streams through Amazon. (He said, covering himself legally)

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