The one political blogger you *should* be reading…

February 29, 2008 at 7:37 am (Politics)

If you’re following the Democratic nomination horse race as closely as I am, there’s one blogger out there who is continually scooping every news reporter out there, who is constantly crushing the competition on analysis, and who happens to write with a flair and elan that puts everyone else in conventional reportage to shame.

His name is Al Giordano. His blog is called “The Field”
Giordano was the guy in December 2003 who was telling anyone who was listening that John Kerry–then polling single digits and running 5th–was going to win Iowa and New Hampshire. This cycle, Giordano was the first guy reporting on how the Obama ground game was going to create an incredible momentum that Camp Clinton was unprepared for; Al was talking about it before Super Tuesday; today it’s the meme-du-jour among reporters on the scene in Texas.

At any rate, read The Field. Check the archives. Giordano is immensely entertaining, even when he reads as if he’s drunk off his ass–his style a sort of gonzo cross of Hunter Thompson and Bill James in that respect. Al will let you know what the score on March 4th will be before anyone else does.

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  1. Dan Lehr said,

    *ahem is mine, been up about 6 weeks.nowhere near giordano but i’m trying!please feel free to comment on anything I write

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