On The Horizon

April 17, 2008 at 4:01 pm (new releases, upcoming stuff I might blog about)

Stuff I’m listening to and digging and may or may not write about in the next few days/weeks:

1. The first For Against record with original guitarist Harry Dingman III since 1989.
2. The new Telepathic Butterflies disc (I’d worried they’d broken up, but new disc out soon!)
3. The Foxboro Hot Tubs (I’ve become a Green Day fanboi, and an unapologetic one.)
4. The Constantines
5. etc. (not a band.)

I’m also simultaneously attempting to read:

1. the first-ever collection of Michael Chabon essays (“Maps & Legends”, published by McSweeney’s with a pretty kick-ass cover/coverlet),
2. Jonathan Barnes’ The Somnambulist
3. Lauren Goff’s The Monsters Of Templeton

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