My name’s Chris, and I’ve probably bought you a beer at some point in your life if you’re reading this…if I haven’t, I’ll get to you soon.  I spent 20 years thinking that writing about, promoting, or selling rock and roll music would be my life’s (eventual) calling, only to find out that I’d rather it be a hobby than a way to make a living.  Now I live in the Washington, DC area and I have a real job and a 401k and I consume more music than I ever have.  Wish I could do daily blogging still, but if we go a while without an update, stick around…we’ll be back!


  1. Rebecca said,

    Hey, Thanks so much for put An American Chinese in your top albums list!!! We love so much what you wrote! Especially the part about it being good as an album.

    Love you PN! Cheers, Becca

  2. Caveofswords Dottcalm said,

    Hey, thanks for putting our song Ghryme in your mix.
    How the hell did you find us, we thought we were hiding so well!
    We have a monster of a remix record coming out in a week or so.
    If you want we can send you a code…

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