The Best Song Of 2006.

August 25, 2006 at 3:49 am (Uncategorized)

Last year, I put The Knockout Pills, and their crazy-ass retro punk album “1+1=Ate” in my top ten of the year.

I figured I’d never hear, or care to hear, from them again.

And so but imagine my surprise when I was bored the other day and headed over to their myspace page. Click that link, and then tell the Myspace player to play you the song “Parting Gift”.



If Wayne Kramer or Iggy Pop ever joined the Monkees and took a whack at “Pleasant Valley Sunday” with the amps cranked to 12 and the tempo ratched through the roof, it’d sound like “Parting Gift”.

I’d guess it’s a new song, since I don’t have it on either of the full length albums the Pills have released. All I can say is, if these Tucson rock gods can put together an entire album that comes even within a few miles of “Parting Gift”, they’ll have made the greatest rock album of the last few years. This is the rock, kids. Trust us.

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