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August 31, 2007 at 9:28 am (Uncategorized)

Every year since about 2000 or so, I’ve done a year-end CD-mix of the best tunes of that particular year–“best” being extremely subjective and decided by, well, me.

Elsewhere and recently, a few folks who had heard only the 2001 mix (I made a bunch of ’em) expressed a desire to hear the other year-end mixes. Easier said than done, since a lot of those discs are packed away (still…yeah I moved a year ago and still have boxes of CDs just sitting in closets); I’ll try to find the other years and put them up here for general consumption.

And so but here’s the first of two discs from the 2005 year-end compilation. This one was sort of a debacle, kind of like me trying to list my 2003 fave raves in a blog format before I switched to Blogger software. The day I finished the 2005 mix, I’d been driving around NoVA with a buddy, and we were listening to this, and eventually I ended up forgetting the one copy I had in his car, and between both of us taking off on Christmas vacations and crap like that, I forgot about it. I ended up throwing together a pretty weak mix on one disc in January of 2006 for a few friends who were bummed that there was no proper 2005 mix CD, and that was that. Wednesday night we went out with this buddy and his fiancee for dinner, and I thought to ask him if there was a remote chance he still had either of those two discs. He did, and made me copies, and now we’re here.

The mix is called “Our Time Is Coming Soon, Best of 2005” This is the first disc. I’ll rip and upload the second one if I get time after my fantasy football draft on Sunday. I’ll also get a track list and boring liner notes uploaded here as well, and have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend, yo.

“Our Time Is Coming Soon”
Track listing, disc one:

“Tell Me When It’s Over” –The Dream Syndicate (from the 2005 Nuggets III box)
“The Fall Fashions” –The Deathray Davies
“16 Military Wives” –The Decemberists
“E-Pro” –Beck
“Be Gentle With Me” –The Boy Least Likely To
“The Alternative To Love” –Brendan Benson
“Your Little Hoodrat Friend” –The Hold Steady
“Daft Punk is Playing At My House” –LCD Soundsystem
“Just Like The Rain” –Richard Hawley
“Dear John” –Aimee Mann
“Ain’t No Easy Way” –Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
“I Feel Love” –Cobra Verde
“e.m.p.t.y.” –The Clientele
“Welcome Here” –Jeff Hanson
“Paper Doll” –Louis XIV
“Revolution Get Down” –The Bellrays
“My Mathematical Mind” –Spoon
“The Art Of Carrying On” –Novillero
“If You Can’t Give Me Everything” –Reigning Sound
“Sooner Or Later” –Marah

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