I Will Now Sell At Least Ten Copies Of A Record.

September 2, 2009 at 6:01 am (Uncategorized)

If anyone cares to recall my 2006 best-of list, you’ll remember that I put Take It, Somebody by Milwaukee/Chicago brats The Modern Machines in the top three. I love that record; lead singer Nato Paisano (now just Nate Coles) managed to roll early Westerberg, Pirner, and even Skag Heaven-era Peter Searcy into one pleasing whole, and I was pretty bummed to hear that the band had broken up.

Turns out they haven’t, not really. My friend Joe who knows Nato and Danny (2/3rds of MoMacs) from their Chicago days let me know a few weeks ago that the guys have relocated to Brooklyn (because NY is where the rock is, yo), where they’ve put together a new band called The Used Kids. Now, if The Modern Machines were wonderful (and they were), The Used Kids go beyond even that: they’re brilliant and transcendent. Nato and Danny already had the drawly-midwestern 1980’s punk sound nailed, but now they’ve added another guitarist, Kate Eldridge, who manages to play these gloriously simple (but never facile) Johnny Thunders-esque guitar leads and the band has expanded their influences to include a sound that could almost be Springsteen doing Sorry Ma/Trash-era Replacements.

I know. You’re doubting that comparison. Doubt quails when you hear a song like “Dancing On The Edge Of The World”. Inhabiting a universe where nonstop “Whoahs”, count-offs, handclaps, and insistent Benmont Tench organ can be married to thick slabs of pure punk rock guitar glory, this song kicks off The Used Kids debut with what might just be the very best single rock and roll song to come out during 2009. “Edge Of The World” isn’t the only gem here–far from it. “Honorable Man” is a glorious hard-rock tale of unrequited love that could be Made To Be Broken-era Soul Asylum covering Phil Spector. “Midwest Midsummer” is the sound of new Brooklyners not easily letting go their roots to an amazing riff and bouncing bass. “I Miss My Records” might be my favorite track, if only for Kate’s amazing, mournful guitar lead over the main riff and a song that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Del Lords or Dictators album.

So here. Crank up your speakers or headphones.

Listen to “Dancing On The Edge Of The World”.

Now dig on “I Miss My Records”.

Now head to the release page for The Used Kids debut that features these gems, right here.

The album is called Yeah No. It might be the best record of 2009. You’ll notice that the sales/distribution method is “donationware”. You can download the whole album for free from a link on the page there…but the band politely asks for a donation of between $3 and $5. That’s a pretty easy getaway right there, y’all. Donate. Download.

Or…I’ve got an even better idea. The first 10 people who leave me a comment in this thread or drop me an email at chris {at} popnarcotic [dot] com can download the album for free with a clear conscience, because the ol’ blog here will drop a fifty spot on The Used Kids for you all.

So go to it. Bands this good making music this wonderful deserve to be heard. Make it so. (I’ll be sure to post when 10 folks have taken me up on the offer, so if you try to freebie the Used Kids hard work after that, you’re just being a cheap bastard.)


  1. Thomas G. Featherstone said,

    Allowing people to “pay what they like” is a blessed idea, that really defeats the object of pirating music.
    Radiohead popularised the idea (but by no means started it) and found that the average person paid £4 for that record.
    In that case I paid for the double vinyl edition on pre-order. I love having a physical product to include as part of my record collection. I see digital releases as an excuse to listen to a record before I can actually own it for myself. Which to some is obviously a waste of money, and ridiculous. If the music matters so much why worry about the cd or vinyl and artwork?
    It does matter though. To me anyway.

  2. kxlly said,

    I played a show once with the Modern Machines in Little Rock and Nato told me to turn the distortion down a bit so you could better hear the open chords I was playing. I can’t think of any other band that came through and listened intently enough to give some nobody guitar player constructive criticism.

    I’m glad he’s still playing in great bands and that folks like you are listening intently enough to write reviews like this one. Thanks.

  3. Trevor said,

    Awesome stuff. Thanks for the info!

  4. Jeff said,

    This is an awesome record. Yeah No is definitely one of my favorites thus far in 2009. I think your idea of donating if you get 10 comments is great. They deserve the attention and the extra cash!

  5. Sam said,

    I checked these guys out feeling bored and wanting a new band to listen to, and was soon pretty much blown away.

    Great review. My personal favorite track is “Doomed To Be Alone.”

  6. If You Make It said,

    Hey awesome post. I sent some people your way, I hope that’s cool.


  7. plank10 said,

    Got here from IFYMI. Great record and be purchasing it tonight

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