Just In Time For Halloween!

October 19, 2011 at 6:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Chances are if you know who Tom Chick is, it is because you play videogames and  know Mr. Chick as one of the pre-eminent games journalists/reviewers out there. Tom’s got his own site called Quarter To Three (so named because when you’re in the grips of a great game like Civilization, you look at the clock and realize “Holy crap, it’s a quarter to three…I gotta work in the morning!”) and on it he mostly talks games and games journalism.

But Tom’s also an actor–if you remember Oscar’s boyfriend Gil from season 2 of The Office, that’s Tom playing him. Tom is a huge movie geek, and he brings the same thoughtfulness and insight to the table when he writes and talks games as he does when the subject is gaming. Seriously, the Quarter To Three Movie Podcast with Tom and his cohorts Kelly Wand and Christian Murawski (a/k/a “Dingus”) is as entertaining, enlightening, and irreverent a take on film as you’ll find and is highly recommended.

So anyway, Tom’s a self-described horror movie buff, and for the rest of this month he’s counting down and reviewing some great overlooked gems in the genre. Absolutely worth a look if you want something new for your Netflix queue.

Quarter To Three

The Quarter To Three Movie Podcast

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