Popnarcotic’s Christmas Music Mix, 2011!

December 16, 2011 at 1:54 pm (Uncategorized)

Yeah, finally time for this!

As ever, doing this mix dragged me kicking and yelping straight into a healthy dose of Bob Cratchit-esque Christmas spirit.  Heck, yesterday it was 60 degrees in the environs of the greater DC area–tough to get all hyped about Christmas with that sort of weather unless you’re Australian, y’know?  Still, Christmas happens like a big train coming down the tracks, and you can either let it go by, get run over, or jump on and dig the ride.

You know which one we chose, right?

This year’s mix is called “I Still Believe In Santa Claus (Even If No One Else Does)”.  I’ll leave it for you to listen to find that triumphant refrain in the mix, but I think it expresses the sentiment I feel for the holiday each year.  I realize that I have some fairly religious friends who are recoiling at the invocation of believing in–of all things–Santa by a grown adult during this holiday, but so be it.  It isn’t really “Santa Claus” per se, but rather a feeling of joyfulness and happiness and nostalgia and hope that the season can confer.  Whatever the source of that feeling, once you catch that Christmas feeling during the season there’s little to be done about turning it off.  Calling it “Santa Claus” is as good a name as anything.

This caveats around this years Christmas Mix are the same as they ever were:  the songs are mostly secular thanks to my Christmas Card list being improbably populated by folks of all faiths and creeds.   Everything’s a single mp3 stitched together and crossfaded and normalized so that everything should play at the same volume.

This year:  17 new songs, 5 repeats (including two old friends who weren’t around for last year’s mix but had to come back.)  We’ve got terrific originals from The Boy Least Likely To, The Summer Fiction, The Leisure Society and a host of others.  We’ve got some great interpretations of  standards old (Richard Hawley’s amazing “Silent Night”) and new (Bettie Serveert’s Carol Van Dijk handles a Joni Mitchell tune like she was born to sing it, while Superchunk turn a John Cale bit of weird brilliance into a neat fuzzpop concoction).   We go from joyful (the LeeVees giddy Hanukkah song) to morose (Isaac Hayes) and pretty much everything in-between.  Enjoy, and Happy Holidays everyone!

I Still Believe In Santa Claus (Even If No One Else Does)

Track List:

1.  Kimmy Liston, Live At Five Is Wrong.
2.  “Christmas With The Snow”  Marah
3.  “A Happy Christmas Baby” The Boy Least Likely To
4.  “Stoned Soul Christmas”  Binky Griptite
5.  “Walking In A Winter Wonderland”  Goldfrapp
6.  “The River” Bettie Serveert
7.  “For The Holidays” The Grip Weeds
8.  “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” Lenny Kaye
9.  “How Do You Spell Channukkahh?” The Leevees
10. “Christmas Is Coming Soon” Blitzen Trapper
11. “Christmas Mistakes” The Leisure Society
12. “Run Away With Me” Jens Lekman
13. “Winter Snow” Isaac Hayes
14. “Sleigh Ride” The Ventures
15. “Believe In Me” .fun
16. “Hey Parker, It’s Christmas” Ryan Adams
17. “Secret Santa” Buffalo Killers
18. “Christmastime Is Here” Ivy
19. “A Child’s Christmas In Wales” Superchunk
20. “Another One Of Those” Deleted Waveform Gatherings
21. “Christmas Eve For Two” The Summer Fiction
22. “Silent Night” Richard Hawley
23. “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” (Muppet Remix Version)

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